Konkuk University - Department of Media and Communication

The Konkuk team will partially be in charge of Korean studies, using behavioral, eye-tracking, and electro-physiological methods. With a psycholinguistic approach, this team has been conducting studies in various fields of language. Prof. Upyong Hong is an expert on L2 acquisition, in particular, about the morpho-syntactic processing of German as a second language. Using ERPs, the researches by Dr. Yunju Nam are focused on exploiting neural mechanism of language comprehension. Dr. Hongoak Yun is interested in computing linguistic information correlating to psycholinguistic human behaviors.

Lab website (in Korean): lclab.net

Jeong-Ah Shin

Department of English Language and Literature
Dongguk University, Seoul Korea

Jeong-Ah Shin fields of research center on psycholinguistics and second language research, including syntactic(structural) priming and syntactic parsing, language production, processing in language comprehension, and bilingual language processing. Other areas of interest include second language acquisition and corpus linguistics.

Personal Website: https://sites.google.com/site/jashin/Home