We welcome all interested students from the University of Vienna as well from other institutions to join us in our lab at the Department of Basic Psychological Research and Research Methods. We can offer a collaboration in the form of a master's thesis or a research internship.

You can support us by conducting experiments under our supervision and you will learn a lot about research methods (such as behavioural experiments, eyetracking, EEG).

If you are interested, please send an email to with a short motivational letter.

Finished master’s theses

Saelens, Johannes (2018). Linguistic modulation of visual attention – The influence of a tight-fit or loose-fit distractor on attention in Korean versus German speakers. Universität Wien: Unpublished thesis.

Langsdorf, Leif (2018). The influence of stimulus-driven attention in the form of singletons on metacontrast masking. Universität Wien: Unpublished thesis.

Vaporova, Elena (2018). Associative learning of spatial categories and task-irrelevant color transients. Universität Wien: Unpublished thesis.

Tusche, Benedikt (2017). Ein Gespür für Formen und Farben? Unbewusste Wahrnehmung und das beiläufige Lernen von Formmerkmalen bei visueller Suche. Universität Wien: Unpublished thesis.

Finished bachelor’s theses

Siener, Anni (2016). Do irrelevant prime words influence stimulus-response compatibility effects of spatial target words? Universität Wien: Unpublished thesis.

Strini, Tamara (2016). Auswirkungen kategorialen Primings auf den räumlichen Stroop-Effekt [Influences of categorical primiong on the spatial Stroop effect.] Universität Wien: Unpublished thesis.